Monday, March 16, 2009

Walmart Overage on Glucerna!

Looking for a few extra bucks to put toward your Walmart purchases this week? This week I hit Walmart with a $5/1 Glucerna coupon I printed here, (*Update: Stacy was kind enough to let us know that this link is still working, and pointed out that this is a "one per household" coupon. Thanks, Stacy!) and I discovered a great deal, including some overage! If you have not already used your $10/2 coupon you printed here on the Walgreens RR deal this week, you can also use that on this deal at Walmart. I personally preferred to use these at Walmart to help with some other groceries and produce I needed this week.

Here's the deal:

At my Walmart, Glucerna cereal is priced at $3.84
After the $5/1 coupon, I got the cereal free AND earned $1.16 overage!
Then, I submitted for a $1 rebate on each box from Caregiver's Marketplace.
Final cost: FREE cereal, plus $2.16 money-maker!

If you have the $10/2 coupons, your scenario will look like this:

Purchase 2 Glucerna cereal for $7.68 total
Use $10/2 man. coupon
Submit for $2 of rebates from Caregiver's Marketplace
Final cost: 2 FREE boxes of cereal, plus $4.32 money-maker 

Helpful hints on this deal:

• As with all overages, make sure to add other items to your Walmart transaction to cover the $1.16 overage per box. 

• At most Walmarts, you'll find these Glucerna cereals in the health food section of the pharmacy, not in the grocery section with the other cereals.


  1. Hey Riss, I was able to print one of the $5/1 coupon tonight - so the link still works. (But it does list a limit of one per household on the website.) I really appreciated the coupon ethics post today. I've only been doing this for a week but I was beginning to wonder whether it was really fair and honest. I feel better about it after reading that post.

  2. Thanks, Stacy! I'm glad you pointed out that "one per household" condition on the coupon. I missed it! When I went back and looked at my extra coupon, I saw that it does indeed say "one per household" on a different section of the coupon than where it says "one per transaction." Thanks so much for the 'heads up!'

    I'm glad you found the ethics post;s been helpful for me to think through all of this over the past few months, too. I went through that same thought process you are describing. It really helps me to know that I'm doing everything I can to coupon in an ethical way.