Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Great Blog Resource for NWA Readers

As a little supplement to our Boot Camp segment on using the Internet to help you find great deals, I wanted to pass along a good blog resource for our Northwest Arkansas readers.

This is a great regional blog that will help you find freebies and cheapies in NWA! I have several blogs that I check out daily that are posted by people who live in my region of the country (the Pacific Northwest), and I love seeing posts about the stores and deals that are right outside my doorstep. I hope this blog helps some of our NWA readers to find some great deals!

After only a little over a week at The Frugal Muse, we already have regular readers from all over the country! This is so fun! Have any of you readers from other regions of the country found regional blogs that you love? Share them in the comments section- chances are, there are other readers who could benefit from your great find!


  1. Hey Thanks for linking to me!!! I would love it if you would email me. Heather (at) nwadeals (dot) net

    I just had an idea for you! And I always love to get to know my fellow bloggers.