Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Savings Round-Up

This turned out to be my best week in a while! Here are the deals I snagged this week at Walmart and Walgreens. Oh, and I have to give props to my awesome brother Russell, who mailed me a big envelope FULL of coupon inserts this week. His coupons helped me score a lot of these great freebies. THANK YOU, RUSS!

Walmart (4 transactions) • Total spent out of pocket: $4.06 (including tax!)
Rebates coming from Caregiver's Marketplace: $3
Total cost: $1.06 including tax!

Walgreens (transaction 1) • Total Spent out of pocket: $ 9.37 (including tax)
(also used $5.50 in RR from last week to pay)
Rebates coming back from Caregiver's Marketplace: $2.25
RRs received at end of transaction: $10
Total cost: $2.60 including tax!

Walgreens (transactions 2, 3, 4) • Total spent: $20.44 (on gift card including tax)
(also used $10 RR from WAGS transaction #1 to pay)
Rebates coming back from Caregiver's Marketplace: $4
Rebates coming back from Memory supplement (Easy Saver FAR): $22
RRs earned during these transactions: $15
Total cost of these transactions: PROFIT of $10.56!

How'd you guys do? Any super sweet deals to report? 

Also, I'm curious: would any of you out there find it helpful for me to break out the transaction (like I did last week) to show what I paid for each item and which coupons I used? I know I have found this breakdown of other people's transactions helpful in the past, and I would be happy to take the time to do that if it will help you. If you would like me to break down the transactions in more detail, just leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Ok, I'm going back through the bootcamp! It's a little overwhelming, but I'm going to do it! This is the week when I'm going to start at Walgreens. We'll see--I'll keep you posted!

  2. I would love to see the breakdown of the Walmart transaction(s). I feel like I get how Walgreens works but finding freebies and cheapies at Walmart is a little harder for me. Do you know if they have a circular to see all the sales ahead of time? Do you just go in with ALL your coupons and figure out everything in the store (with two kiddos too)? Thanks so much for all your work. I'm loving your new site!!!

  3. I like the breakdown also (if you have the time) -- so I know how I can repeat! I have really appreciated the savings that you have passed along. I've gotten to find a new product that meets the needs of our household (the Johnson Buddies soaps) while picking up a several month supply! ;0 And our church does some donations for a poor part of Arkansas during their summer trip there, so making plans when I find things that I don't need to be able to pick up extras for that. I love that I will be able to provide for my family easily -- as well as generosity! THANK YOU for your hard work of scouring every thing -- and passing those savings onto all of us! I saved over $200 this week with coupons, ads, RR, Caregivers Marketplace, etc. and have a small stockpile started with things that we will definitely use or pass along. :)

  4. Jen and Kristin,

    Sure! I'd be happy to post the breakdowns in the future. Jen, I'll try to go back and post the breakdown on the above Walmart transactions- this is the best Walmart run I've had in a long time. I'm like you and find it more of a challenge to get REALLY great deals at Walmart, but this week was a good one for me- I had several coupon overages that helped.