Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do you REDBOX? Free movie today!

If you are renting movies from anywhere but Redbox, it might be time to switch! I used to have a Blockbuster online account, but I cancelled it several months ago when I found out that I can rent all my movies free from Redbox! 

Here's how to get all your Redbox movies free:

Every Monday, Redbox releases a code for a free one-night rental. Just enter the code at your local Redbox rental machine and get your movie free for one night! You still have to swipe your credit or debit card, but it will not be charged if you return the movie before 9 p.m. the next night. Each code can be used once per debit or credit card, so rent mulitple movies for free if you have more than one card! This code can only be used on the Monday it is released.

During March, Redbox is releasing a free promo code every Wednesday as well! Today's code is 75EA16. Use it today only to get a free Redbox movie!

Anytime you want to rent a movie, check out Inside Redbox. They list lots of codes to get free Redbox movies at different Redbox locations.

We haven't paid for a movie rental in months, and we've enjoyed lots of great movies from Redbox. Hope you all enjoy this little find as much as we have!!


  1. no way! we rent a lot of redbox movies and i thought it was a great deal just getting it for a buck! i'm gonna check this out.

  2. I love this because Monday night is our date night! Woohoo for free movies! I have taken advantage of this in the past, but didn't realize it was every Monday, although I was starting to wonder. Where do you find the codes?