Saturday, March 14, 2009

HOT Glucerna money-maker at Walgreens!

WOW- looking for a great way to start your week at Walgreens? Check out this HOT deal on Glucerna cereal at Walgreens.... which can make you up to $9 PROFIT. Yeah, you heard me right. $9 money-maker!

This deal takes several steps, but I think you'll be glad you took five minutes to sign up and get these coupons when you make your $9 on the deal and get four boxes of free cereal! 

Here's what you do (Follow these instructions exactly, or you will not be able to get the coupons you need):

• Go here and click on Join Now in the upper right hand corner
• Enter your personal details-Make sure to type CATALINA in the promo code box
• Where it says "Are you ready to set up your Customized Meal & Exercise Plan?" be sure to choose "Yes, I'll Set It Up Now"
• Click "Create Account"
• Enter details on this page and click on "Calculate Body Mass"
• Make sure to select "lose Weight" for the option and click "NEXT"
• Fill in the required details and click on 'FINISH"
• Click on "Return to your personalized home page."
• You should now see the $10 Glucerna coupon link.
• Click on the image and you can choose to print the coupon or have it emailed to you.
• Remember to press your browser back button to print a total of two coupons.

Now you have 2 $10/2 Glucerna product coupons. Walgreens has the Glucerna cereal priced at about $4.99/ box. Plus, from now through March 31, they have the following RR promotion going:

Buy 2 Glucerna cereals, get $2.50 RR
Buy 3 Glucerna cereals, get $4.50 RR
Buy 4 Glucerna cereals, get $7.00 RR!

As if that weren't great enough, Caregiver's Marketplace also gives you a $1 rebate for every box you buy!

Here's how the whole deal shakes out:

Transaction #1:

Buy 2 boxes Glucerna Cereal at Walgreens = about $10.00
Use 1 $10/2 Glucerna manufacturer coupons = -$10.00
Final Cost: Free!
Plus, receive $2.50 in Register Rewards

Then repeat the exact same transaction. (The reason for this is that the coupon specifically states Limit One Coupon Per Transaction. Yes, you could buy all four boxes in one transaction and make a little more on RRs... but we really need to separate it into two transactions to follow the intention of the coupon.)

Transaction #2:
Buy 2 boxes Glucerna Cereal at Walgreens = about $10.00
Use 1 $10/2 Glucerna manufacturer coupons = -$10.00
Final Cost: Free!
Plus, receive $2.50 in Register Rewards

Then, submit for Caregiver's Marketplace (Add these to your Huggies purchases from last week to get the required 5 items you need to submit for this rebate. Look at the Caregiver's Marketplace site to see the details.)
Receive back $4.00 cash.

= $9 money-maker, plus four free boxes of cereal!

*UPDATE* Thanks to Stacy and Heather for letting us know how this deal worked out at Walgreens today. I tried this today as well, and had the same problem with the coupon beeping because the total of two cereals (the maximum cereals allowed per transaction, based on the text of the coupon) came to a total cost of $9.98 and the value of the coupon was $10. My cashier keyed in a special price for each box: $5.00/box, and everything rang through fine. Amazing what trouble two little pennies can be for the cash registers! So if you are only purchasing the cereal and nothing else, either buy a small and cheap filler item, or ask your cashier to adjust the price of the cereals up one penny so that the register doesn't have issues!

Let us know if you are able to snag this deal! This is one of the better money-makers I've seen at Walgreens in a while, so get out there and take advantage of this one!!

Big hat tip to my new blogging buddy Heather at NWA Deals!


  1. Ok. I sort of did this deal this morning. I printed off two coupons, but only used one because my Walgreen's store only had two boxes of cereal in stock and I didn't want to do the shakes so I'm going to go back in a few days and do the second half. But here's the thing, the register did not like that coupon for some reason and the manager had to come over and push it through. They were really nice about it but it stressed me out as a newcomer to the whole coupon world! I got the $2.50 in RR and used that for my second transaction. But everyone remember to purchase at least one other thing with the two cereals because they only come to $9.98 together (if they are $4.99 at your store- they were at mine) and the total needed to at least equal the coupon. Good luck!

  2. Ok, I did this today also. I got 4 boxes = $19.96. The first Coupon scans fine, the second beeps because the total value of the 2 coupons is $20.00 and the Total value of the 4 Boxes of Cereal is $19.96. I would suggest trying to get 3 boxes of cereal and one box of the Cereal Bars ($5.98 at NWA Walgreens) and then your total for 4 items would be $20.95 and you would get the higher $7.00 register rewards.

    Also: just a note. The boxes of cereal I bought today expire in April - June. Check the expiration date if you aren't planning to eat it all in a month.

  3. FYI- When you click your link to this website it has you signed in still.

  4. Thanks, Sarah! I think I have the link fixed now!