Saturday, March 14, 2009

New to The Frugal Muse?

Are you new to The Frugal Muse? Welcome! To get started, check out our series of Coupon Boot Camp articles in the left sidebar of our page. We hope you'll feel free to come on in and stay awhile in our corner of the blogosphere!


  1. A few questions: Do you print off alot of coupons from the internet? Should I buy All You magazine? It looks like there are alot of great coupons in there...

  2. Christine,

    Yes, I do end up printing off quite a few coupons from the Internet. There is some cost in paper and ink, but I have found that the savings FAR outweighs the expense.

    And yes, All You is a great magazine (found at Walmart) that always has tons of good coupons in it. My guess is that a subscription would be the best way to go- I'm almost certain that it would pay for itself in the coupons you would get!