Friday, March 6, 2009

Huggies Coupons Reset: You Can Print Them Again!

Wow, this is really great– and rare! Huggies has reset the $5/1 and $3/1 printable coupons here! This means that even if you have already printed these awesome coupons, you can now print them again– twice per computer! Print them Now! These hot coupons always go super quickly!

Also, in addition to the Walgreens diaper deal coming up this week (I'll post the details about this in a couple of days, after we do our Boot Camp post on The Drugstore Game), there are also a couple of other stores where you can use these Huggies coupons to your advantage:

• Many Walmarts have the Huggies Gentle Care Changing Pads priced at around $2.50. The $5/1 coupon applies to this product, so you can use it to get the changing pads free plus get about $2.50 in overage to use toward your other purchases! 

(For those of you new to couponing, an overage occurs when the value of the coupon is greater than the price of the item, making the purchase of that item with the coupon a money-maker.  Since the store receives the full refund for the amount of the coupon from the manufacturer, they often allow you to apply the overage to your other purchases in the same transaction. I have done this A LOT at Walmart, and the cashiers almost never question it. It is a great way to save money when buying produce and other items that you need that never have coupons available. Great, huh!?)

• Target has their 184-count wipes refills of the Huggies Gentle Care Sensitive Wipes priced at $5.99. Use the $5/1 coupon to get 184 wipes for $.99! 

If you need diapers (especially sizes NB-2, which will be the sizes you can use the $5/1 coupons on at Walgreens next week), I would suggest you hold onto these coupons to use them toward diapers at Walgreens. If you're like me and are already pretty stocked on diapers, you may want to take advantage of some of these other deals. These are great coupons- use them strategically to help your family save some money this month!

*Update* Many thanks to my good friend Amy who just pointed out that the manufacturer has changed the wording on this second round of coupons. If you printed from the original coupon link a few days ago, the coupon stated "$5 off any Gentle Care product." The new coupon states "$5 off any Gentle Care diaper product." 

So, if you printed the first set, you'll be able to use those on the wipes deals listed above. Otherwise, you can use coupons from either the first or second set you printed for diapers. 

I have made it a personal priority to do my best to coupon in an ethical way, and following the manufacturer's intent for use of coupons is an important part of couponing with integrity. I hope you'll join me in committing to do the same– look for a post in coming days on this very topic: Couponing Ethics. Thanks so much helping us all to follow the manufacturer's intent for these coupons, Amy!


  1. Just a quick note about these coupons-they are specifically for diaper products, but the first ones were not. Also, they expire a little bit later in April, which is nice!

  2. Thanks for noticing this, Amy! I just updated the post to let everyone else know as well.