Friday, March 13, 2009

Huggies Wipes: FREE plus $2.50 Overage!!

I've found what I think is the best use yet for those $5/1 Huggies coupons for people like me who didn't really need to stock up on the Walgreens diaper deal.

If your coupon says $5/1 "any Gentle Care product," you can use your coupon toward these tubs of Huggies Gentle Care Sensitive wipes. Here's the best part: these tubs are priced at under $2.50 each at most Walmarts and Targets, so use your $5/1 coupon to get some free wipes PLUS $2.50 in overage! What a great way to practice what you learned about saving at Walmart in today's Boot Camp segment!

I bought two of these tubs for $2.36 each at Target this week, and used the overage toward some things I really needed for Maggie: some hair clips, Gerber Oatmeal and sippie cups. I saved more than $5 on my other purchases, and got two free tubs of wipes. Awesome!

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