Saturday, May 2, 2009

Super Savings Round-Up


(in four transactions)

(3) Breeze 2 Monitors @ $14.99 each
(2) Nivea Body Wash @ $4.99
(1) Rembrandt @ $5.99
(4) Campbell's Tomato Soup @ $.59
(2) Ramen Noodles (for filler) @ $.29

Coupons used:

(3) Up to $30 off Breeze 2 Monitor 
(2) $1/2 Campbell's soup 
$15 in Register Rewards from previous weeks

Total cost before coupons: $63.88

Total spent out of pocket (before tax): $1.91
Total RRs spent: $15
Total RRs earned: $31
Final Cost: PROFIT of $14.09!

*For those of you interested, the total I spent out of pocket including tax was $7.58 on my Walgreens gift card. I usually don't include tax because it is taxes are different depending on where you live. 

But now that Walgreens is going to be doing more RR deals instead of Rebates, we're all going to have to be looking closer at the tax we pay since we won't be able to pay for it on our gift cards. 

So from now on, I will be listing the TOTAL amount I pay out of pocket including tax to help us all as we evaluate how well we did on our transactions and scenarios. Your tax may be different than mine, but it will give you a general idea of what to expect. For more thoughts on the subject on Walgreens new system and how to recoup your tax costs on RR deals, check out Heather's great post here at

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