Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Iced Fruitea at Arby's on May 6!

On Wednesday, May 6th, celebrate National Beverage Day by getting a free Iced Fruitea from Arby's! All you have to do is say, "I'm Parched! Fruitea me." to try one of their iced fruit teas: Passion Fruit, Mandarin Peach, Diet Peach or Diet Blackberry. 

Contact your local Arby's location to make sure they are participating, then go enjoy this great freebie!

Hat tip to Sarah!


  1. Hello my musing friend...I love your site! I've been meaning to tell you that for some time. I just thought I'd tell you about another "beverage" deal I used with my husband today (its really more of a dessert;-) ). A&W Rootbeer is celebrating 90 years with 90 cent root beer floats at their burger joints May 1-9 (thats right, 90 pennies). We went through the drive-thru and asked for 2 "90-cent" floats (not sure what's the technical size!). We went to the A&W on 12th St in Nampa. Just thought I'd let you know!
    ~Brooke F, Nampa

  2. Dear Cherissa,
    I am hooked on your site and I had to laugh today when I listened to your mom's utube interview. It looks like you are as addicted to clipping coupons when under stress as your mom is. I loved the picture of Maggie with the toilet paper and the sweet link to the "It gets easier" article. I hope to read it to my 18 preschool moms at the Mother's Day Tea. I just wanted to make sure that you note that May 6 is WEDNESDAY not SATURDAY, so that all the parched people get a drink at Arby's on the right day.