Friday, May 8, 2009

How I got 5 FREE Darigold Dairy products

Several weeks ago, I spent 30 seconds to go here and ask Darigold for some coupons. I simply told them that I was a customer who was interested in trying their products and I wondered if they might have any coupons to send me. I left my name and mailing address in the comment form.

Just a few days later, I found a hand-addressed envelope from Darigold full of FREE PRODUCT (!) coupons in my mailbox! Here's a list of the awesome coupons they sent me:

• Free 1/2 gallon of any Darigold milk
• Free cottage cheese
• Free 6 oz. yogurt
• Free 1 lb. of butter
• Free sour cream

After I received these great Qs, I told my mom about it and they sent her the same Qs as well. This is not an official promotion from Darigold, so I'm not sure if you will get coupons if you request them, but it might be worth 30 seconds of your time to try! I heard about this from someone else and decided to give it a shot, and it certainly was 30 seconds well spent!

This interaction with Darigold was another reminder to me that often it is worth the small amount of time it takes to interact with a company's corporate office. Sometimes it can really pay off!

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