Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ANOTHER free card from

I'm really starting to love with all of these free card codes they are offering! They just released another free code: CARD4U

To get your free card, just go here, create and personalize your card, address it and enter the code at checkout. Shipping is free, too! 

Send your free card now before the code expires!

Hat tip to Moms By Heart.


  1. hmmm.... have you done it? It is not working me for. It is giving me this message

    "The promotion code you have entered is invalid or has expired. However, if you recently received the ICTCARD promotion code from a customer service agent, please contact 1-800-Hallmark for a valid code. Please have your original order number available when you call. We apologize for the inconvenience."

  2. I was able to get 2 free cards one for my mom and one for my grandmother. They loved them, I edited the messages to there exact names, signed with my kids names.

  3. Sarah, I was able to get mine earlier today.... I guess it's possible that they had a limit set on how many of these codes they would accept and it has already been reached.

    Has anyone been able to successfully use the code this afternoon?