Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Coppertone Kids Sunblock at Fred Meyer

For those of you with a Fred Meyer nearby, be sure to pick up this great freebie at Fred Meyer this week:

Coppertone Kids sunblock sticks are on sale for $3.99. Plus, the store has $4/1 any Coppertone sun product manufacturer Qs on tearpads hanging on the sunblock displays. Free sunblock!

A couple of things to note:

• Your cashier may have to adjust the coupon down since it is one penny more than the sale price. My cashier at first told me that it wouldn't work. I politely told her that it should, and she called the manager and quickly found out how to do it. The more I coupon, the more I learn to stand my ground on a deal that is legitimate and ethical. The store will get back the full reimbursement for that coupon, so it is no different to the store than if I handed her $4 cash.

• You may not be able to find these sunblock sticks in the aisle with the beauty and cosmetic products, even though there is a small selection of sunblock there. I found them on a separate cardboard center-aisle display with the man. Q tearpads hanging on the display.

• I was able to snag 8 of these for free today! You could theoretically take everything they had in stock and get it free, but it's nice to leave some for the next person. If they are out, grab the tear pad Qs and ask for a rain check on the sale price.

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