Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Regional Blog Resources

I'm absolutely thrilled that so many people nationwide are regularly visiting The Frugal Muse to cash in on great deals! Just check out this map, which shows where just our last 100 visitors came from (screen shot taken last night at 10 p.m.):

Coast to Coast! Pretty cool, huh!? 

Most of the deals that I share here on The Frugal Muse apply nationwide, but some are regional in nature. I think that every great couponer has an extensive list of blogs they check at least once a day to stay up-to-date on the latest deals. 

Of course, I love to see you all at The Frugal Muse everyday... but I also want to help you find blogs that will help you score great regional deals, too! 

Here are a few regional blogs (which also list national deals, too, of course) I've found that I thought I'd pass on to you:

For Oklahomans: (esp. Tulsa Metro):

For Arkansans:

For Idahoans: 

For Canadians:
Frugal Family Life

I would love to keep expanding this list so that it includes all fifty states and even other countries. So let me know if you have a blog based in your region that you'd love to see added to the list!


  1. I found your blog when my sister-in-law Jen Colburn did a guest post for you. I'm in Colorado Springs and love springsbargains.com. Thanks for all the great tips!

  2. Not a blog but a GREAT resource for Indianapolis stores...