Monday, June 8, 2009

SWEET deals on The Children's Place clothes!

**UPDATE** These steals are going fast! Act quickly if you want to get in on these deals. The items I added to my cart were no longer available when I went to check out... hopefully some of you will find some of the sizes you need in items that are still available! 

One basic of frugal living: Buy ahead when the price is right. This is especially true of children's clothing! If you buy your kids' clothes at end-of-season sales for the size they'll be wearing next year, you can save a TON on the expense of clothing your kids.

Prime example: The Children's Place clothes at this week. These deals are AWESOME!

Here are just a few that I found:

Girl's Brown Mary Janes: Only $.99!! Oh, I am SUCH a sucker for cute baby/kids shoes. This is almost enough to make me ready for baby #3. Almost. :-)

I could go on an on. There are DOZENS of items $.99 and under, and it looks to me like your shipping should be just $5, no matter how many items you order!  

A couple of things to note: As with all sales this low, the sizes are limited... and they are going fast at these prices. So it may allow you to add it to your cart and then tell you at checkout that it's not available. Just a 'heads up'! I'm going to go snag some of these for my kids right now!

Hat tip to NWA Deals for passing along these great deals!!


  1. Oooh, I was just swooning over those shoes...Amazon said there were 5 left but they were gone when I went to check out. GREAT deals! This is how I shop for Jonathan. Is there a way to know when there are crazy deals like this, or do you just have to look? Or subscribe to your blog, which I do? :)

  2. Amy,

    I'm not sure if there is a way to know ahead of time when these deals are coming... but I have noticed that Amazon has these crazy sales on The Children's Place clothes at least twice a year: sometime at the end of cold weather clothes season and at the end of warm weather clothes season. I'll try to let everyone know ASAP when these sales go up so that we can be ahead of the curve on the mass purchasing of these steals and deals!

    Sorry you didn't get the shoes. I tried, too.... but couldn't get them. If I had, you know I'd be sending them right to your little sweetie. :-)

  3. Hi there,
    Great tips - thank you. I have a quick question - do you know if the Children's Place clothing is fairly true to size? Just trying to figure out what sizes to buy ahead for next year.
    Stormy, SizeTracker Blog

  4. oh these are awesome pieces!

    been looking for bi girls tops for the summer.