Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great deal on Schwan's Frozen Foods

Are you familiar with Schwan's frozen food delivery? My parents have used this service quite a lot in the past. The food is high-quality, although a bit pricey. Enter Frugal Muse good news:

Right now, enter code D5 at checkout when shopping at Schwan's. This code will automatically take $5 off any Schwan's order, no minimum purchase! Order an item just over $5 (dozens to choose from: Many Veggies and Ice Creams are both about $5.50, or 18 ct. Bomb Pops are only $5.19)

Add the $1 delivery charge, and one item will be delivered to your door for just over $1. A pretty sweet deal for high quality frozen foods brought right to your door.

I just ordered a carton of ice cream using this deal. My final cost (including tax and shipping) was only $.58. The confirmation page said that a $1 delivery fee may or may not be added at the time of delivery, dependent on my location. Not too shabby! 

Hat tip to Hip 2 Save.

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