Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HOT DEAL: Prescription Glasses FREE after rebate! (only pay shipping!)

Right now through Cashbaq, get a pair of prescription glasses for only $6. 26 (originally $310!). As if that wasn't an awesome enough deal already, it gets even sweeter!

First, if you're new to Cashbaq, sign up here and you'll get a sign-up bonus of $5 (similar to the Ebates/JCPenney deal we saw last week, but a different company), plus 10% back on the purchase of the glasses.

Then, once you've added the glasses to your cart, at check-out enter the code upromisejunenew to get an extra 15% off your purchase for new customers.

Shipping will be $7.43, bringing your out-of-pocket expense to just $13.34 for a $310 pair of glasses! BUT after your $5 sign-up bonus from Cashbaq and the 10% cash rebate from this purchase, you'll end up paying only about $7.51 for these glasses– basically just the shipping cost!

I'm going to head on over there right now to see about ordering a pair as a back-up– at this price, I can't pass it up!


  1. The Problem with buying glasses online is sizing. And even if the sizes read correctly, the frames may not be comfy. I've done it a few times now, but have relegated myself to shelling out the big bucks for stylish and comfortable glasses after so-so online experiences.

    And FWIW, last time I needed a new pair I learned that Walmart had jacke their price up for lenses (by almost 2x). I used to find cheap frames online and have Walmart put in the lenses, but the fancy eyedoctor's place offered the lenses at half the price of Walmart.

    And you actually received bonafide service besides.

  2. Although I am not a full-time glasses wearer (I usually wear contacts), I have had great experiences purchasing glasses online. I have also had several friends who have purchased glasses online for themselves and their children in the past six months and have been very happy with them as well.

    Re: sizing, I've had good luck using the online instructions for finding the correct fit.

    Success with online glasses purchases may vary from person to person, but at such inexpensive prices, it might be worth trying getting glasses online to see if it works for you. If you've already tried it before and it doesn't work for you, no need to try it!

  3. Their site has a 30-day guarantee so I consider it a no risk situation. No questions asked, refund or exchange for a different pair. At this price, it's worth a shot!

  4. theaestheticelevator,
    I am so sorry you have had bad experiences with purchasing glasses online.

    I bought a pair for me and my hubby through Zenni Optical after reading about it from MSM and Mummy Deals. My hubby and I have very different head sizes and both glasses fit our heads just right. I also got contacts mch cheaper than Wal-Mart at Vision Direct. (4 boxes for less than $100)

    Plus, my eye doctor at Wal-Mart gave us 25% off contacts eye exam (only $75) And we skipped our exam for 2 years.

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