Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Academic Help for your Kids!

If you have school-aged children who struggle academically, or if you just want to help your kids stay ahead of the academic curve over the summer, here's a good deal to check out. These well-known summer tutoring centers are offering a $100 discount coupon on their summer program.
In just 3 hours a week over 12 weeks, your child
will improve one full grade level, guaranteed. Click here to check it out and get your coupon!

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  1. Academic camps are great and help many students who can afford them. Students also need help during the year since they don't know how well they'll do with the teachers they get or the classes they take.

    A good place for help is at

    This study skills system helps students and parents who want to work with their kids. (Middle School, Home School, High School) It has study skill books, web sites and materials that help students succeed during the year and the materials for parents coordinate with the strategies that students learn. It also has continues the help in higher education so students get the help to graduate or finish higher education school or training (Community College, Trade or Tech School, 4-Year College/University)

    It's a good place to get help for students who went to camp or didn't go. Look it over!