Friday, October 16, 2009

NWA Vendor Sale: Today Only

For those of us living in Walmart country in Northwest Arkansas, these awesome vendor sales are one of the great frugal opportunities of which we get to take advantage! I'll be posting these vendor sales as I hear about them- let us know if you find some great steals and deals at these sales!

Town and Country Living Sale

Friday October 16th


Kitchen Towels

Place mats

Shower Curtains

Table Clothes


Napkin Rings

Chair pads

Cash only

Bring your own bags

In the Raintree OFFICE Complexe
904 South Walton Blvd., #2

(Bentonville, Arkansas)


  1. One good thing about NWA and deals :) I don't know that it makes up for no kroger or CVS though! :)

  2. I hear ya, Sarah! I've already had to bump up my monthly grocery budget a bit now that I don't have Albertson's and Rite Aid. BUT.... I guess you just have to find a savings strategy that works for whatever geographic region you find yourself in.

    I'm jealous of your Kroger and CVS. I'm hoping that since CVS has Tulsa stores now, maybe they'll move over to NWA. Would that be enough to get you and Pat to move back? :-)

  3. that and southwest flying out of XNA :)

    We will see! In time I think! :)