Monday, October 5, 2009

CVS is now in Tulsa!!

Okay, Tulsa and Owasso friends. I'm officially jealous. I just found out that CVS opened a new store in Tulsa! This means some MAJOR frugal shopping potential has just landed itself in the lap of Northeast Oklahoma!

The new store is at 71st and Yale in Tulsa. Word on the street is that they are also building new CVS stores in Owasso and Broken Arrow! Want to get started CVS-ing? Check out 918 Coupon Queens CVS 101.

Curious about what kind of deals you can land at CVS? Just check out this week's deals at Money Saving Mom!

I'm excited for you Oklahoma couponers! And here's hoping that CVS will decide to hop over the border and show Arkansas some love, too!

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