Monday, October 12, 2009

Disney Movie Rewards

Okay, seriously, why in the world had I not signed up for Disney Movie Rewards before today? We love Disney and Pixar in this house, and we had a shelf full of movies with Disney Move Rewards codes just waiting to be redeemed! Once you sign up and enter the codes you earn (for things like buying Disney DVD or Blu-Ray, or seeing Disney movies in the theater), you can then redeem the points for lots of great free stuff!

If you are like me and haven't gotten in on this deal yet, now is a great time to join. You can earn 200 points just for signing up, watching a movie about Blu-Ray, and completing a very short survey. After you sign up, just click on the Blu-Ray tab at the top of the screen, click "skip intro" and then click "Play All." After the video is finished, your account will be credited 100 points. Then click on "Member Benefits" and "Earn Bonus Points" to complete the quick survey for another 100 points.

If you want to sign up and are feeling generous, leave a comment here with your e-mail address, or e-mail me [cherissa (at) roebuckmedia (dot) com] and I will send you a referral and I'll get 20 extra points when you sign up from that referral! Then you can refer your family and friends and earn referrals, too!

1 comment:

  1. We LOVE the Disney Movie Rewards Program. We have a Pirates of the Carribbean tv/dvd combo in the boy's room compliments of my sister's account, and I've gotten a free year of Family Fun Magazine, a Three Musketeers DVD, and a Play Tent/Sleeping Bag combo. It's definitely a good rewards program! :) Free shipping and you seem to get the rewards in about 2-3 weeks. :)