Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Nice Groupon Deal! Combine Codes to make it sweeter!

Here's another good deal from Groupon when you search under the Oklahoma City Deals: Today only, get $70 of meals from the for $35. This is a nationwide website, so you don't have to live near Oklahoma City to take advantage. Plus, the $70 gift certificate can be used toward the cost of food and shipping as well.

Here's where the deal gets even sweeter: Use code MMTR at checkout to get an additional 8% off of your first-time order, plus go to and search for once you've received your gift certificate code from Groupon to earn an additional 6% off! To maximize the deal even more, be sure to look under the "special deals" section of the website to take advantage of some of their best prices. Combining all of these deals could make for a pretty sweet deal, especially if you've already got Groupon dollars in your account that you can use. I just purchased two of these, and I'm planning to use them toward some salmon and steaks- expensive meats that I will get for free (including shipping!) by using my Groupon dollars.

I love taking advantage of deals like these to stretch my grocery budget!

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