Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Titanium rings: wedding bands and more, only $9.99... down from $225!

Any of you about to get married and looking for a HOT deal on wedding bands? Or perhaps your hubby has lost his wedding band and you need a replacement? Or you think he might someday lose it and want a back up at an awesome price? Or just like really nice jewelry at a super cheap price? :-)

This deal definitely caught my eye. Titanium rings (lots of styles to choose from!) on Amazon for only $9.99! These rings retail for $225! This is the type of wedding band my husband has, and it is really nice and a super strong metal.

Click here to see all the rings available

Just thought this was too good of a deal not to post in case you are in the market for rings!

Hat tip to Hip2Save.


  1. Sometimes, alternative metals are over-priced. A titanium wedding band should never cost over a hundred dollars. Nor should a tungsten bamd. Tungsten is very overpriced right now.

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  3. Hey Rissa - I did this for David for Christmas. I am in the process of exchanging for a different size, but THANK YOU for posting this!


  4. Generally Titanium Rings and Wedding Bands would be very awesome and many love to wear it.