Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AWESOME week at Walgreens!

WOW! There are some FANTASTIC deals going on at Walgreens this week! Here's what I was able to score today:


(5) Bottles All laundry detergent @ $3.50
(6) Triaminic Thin Strips @ $5.00
(4) Hershey's Holiday Kisses @ $2.5
(3) Skippy Peanut Butter @ $1.50
(2) Ragu @ $1.50
(1) Renu Contact Solution @ $9.99
(1) Toddler t-shirt clearanced to $1.74
(3) Touch of Gray hair color clearanced to $1.74

Total before coupons: $78.47

Coupons used:

(5) $2/1 All detergent
(6) $3/1 Triaminic
(1) $.75/2 Ragu
(3) $.40/1 Skippy
(1) B3G1 free Hershey's
$2/1 Walgreens Triaminic
(1) $5 RR from previous weeks at Walgreens

Total spent out of pocket: $26.oo + 6.69 tax = $32.69
RRs spent: $5
Total RRs received back: $52
= I got all of this free after RRs, plus left with a PROFIT OF $14.31!

The sweetest of these deals were the Spend $25 (before coupons!) Get $5 RR promotion (I did three transactions, so go $15 back in RRs from this), PLUS I just happened to find the Touch of Gray hair color on the clearance aisle for only $1.74, but it still produced the $7 RR for the sale on that product this week!

I could have made much, much more profit with all the great deals this week, but I decided to go for several items that weren't necessarily free, but that my family really needed, like the detergent and the PB and Spaghetti sauce. Also, I forgot to hand the cashier the Walgreens Triaminic coupon on the first transaction, so that cost me $4 that I could have saved, but I was still happy with my end results. If you want to see how the pros are working the deals this week, check out heather's post here. She has a scenario for spending only $11.37 out of pocket and getting back $25 in RRs (profit of $13.69 not including tax)!

Want to see all of the great deals at Walgreens this week? Check out Moms By Heart for the whole list of matchups.


  1. Feels good to win doesn't it!!!

  2. I'm so clicking on your google ads btw. Rock on!!