Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look what $1.40 buys at Walmart today!

That's right, folks. Walmart has all halloween costumes and accessories marked 90% off today! These adorable pirate costumes are only $1.40!! My kids have been wearing them all day and are having a blast playing dress-up. There have been quite a few "Arrrgghhh, Matey"s coming from my 2 year old!

All costumes are $2 or less. Here are some of the costumes I saw:

Tinkerbell (12m-2t)
Snow White ballerina (2t)
Power Rangers
Wizard of Oz (Dorothy, tin man... toddler sizes)
Buzz Lightyear (infant)
High School Musical

Pumpkin carving sets ($.10)
Black Make-Up ($.20)
Full face make-up kits ($1.75)

This is a great time to buy costumes for next year or load up for dress-up clothes!

Hat tip to Mary for the tip!

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