Friday, June 4, 2010

Super Hot Deal from MedCo: $20 of free merchandise!

Wow- you'll want to jump on this deal quickly because I'm SURE it won't last long. Right now, you can get $10 off any first-time order at Medco by using the code MHS10. This means you can add up to $10 of merchandise to your cart and it will be completely free. Shipping is a flat rate of only $.99!

THEN, to make this deal even sweeter, you can place a second order and use the code TENOFF to do the same thing again.

The site has TONS of health and beauty items as well as awesome baby care items. I used my $20 of codes to purchase three nice sippy cups and two packs of pacifiers for baby shower gifts. I paid only $2.49 to have $21 of high-quality baby gear shipped to my door! That's just slightly more than what only the tax alone would cost on these items at my local Walmart!

A quick note: sometimes online companies offer these deals knowingly in order to garner new customers. Other times they don't realize how many people will find out and order these free products, and they end up canceling the deals or not filling the orders. So- no guarantee that these orders will come through, but it's worth a shot if you have a couple minutes to try.

What did you order?

**Update** I just got a shipping notice that my order has already shipped. Looks like these sweet deals might go through after all! Also, it looks like the second-order code, TENOFF, is no longer valid.


  1. Thanks Cherissa! I just ordered two sippy cups, a pack of plastic bowls, and a compact mirror. Paid $1.66 out of pocket. You are my hero today!!

  2. THANK YOU! I just tried both, and MHS10 worked but TENOFF didn't. I'm still happy with what I got! :)