Thursday, February 3, 2011

Announcing.... A New Roebuck BOY!

Yes, friends! We are expecting a BOY!

New Roebuck baby boy on the way and due around August 1. I am 14 weeks along, and we saw on the ultrasound today definitive proof that we indeed have a little boy on the way! We are thankful and excited.

One of the reasons we decided to find out the gender before the birth this time is that Max and Maggie both had their hearts set on their hope of gender for the baby. Max really wanted a baby brother while Maggie really, really wanted a sister. We hope that by finding our early, each of them can process that news early on and by the time baby arrives, it will just be what's expected and we can be all excitement and no disappointment when the big day arrives.

SO.... Maximus is of course overjoyed that it's a boy. He has been studying the ultrasound pictures and is beyond excited about the new brother on the way.

Maggie was, to put it delicately, disappointed. Here's how she took the news:

Lucas: We are having.... a baby BOY!
Maggie: (collapsing to the ground and bursting into tears) NO!! BUT I WANTED A GIRL!!
Lucas: I know, but how about a chocolate bar instead?
Maggie: (tears immediately stopping and she stands up) okay.

And that was that. Nothing like chocolate to soothe a girl's dashed hopes.

Now that we're past that little disappointment for Maggie, we're all excitement. We're thanking God for this great news and praying for health and safety all along the way!


  1. That is hilarious!! I am sure that her disappointment of not getting a sister will fade away as soon as she lays eyes on him, & realizes what a huge helper she will be!! God bless!